Setting new standards for wind turbine performance and economics

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Condor Wind Energy is the world leader in two-bladed wind turbine technology. Condor is set to bring about a revolution in the wind energy industry by setting new standards for wind turbine performance and wind farm economics.

Its turbines offer considerable advantages over traditional three-bladed turbines, in terms of price, performance, robustness, and reliability, especially when deployed in high wind regions and offshore.

Condor’s two-bladed turbines are different from traditional three-bladed turbines. They use a flexible “helicopter-type” of rotor, rather than the rigid “propeller-type” rotor used in three-bladed turbines.

Although the engineering issues involved in the design of two-bladed turbines are complex, the turbines themselves are characterised by their simplicity and robustness.

Condor will shortly launch its “Condor6” wind turbine, a 6MW, IEC Class 1A wind turbine designed for offshore deployment.

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